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Signs Your Water Blaster Needs Servicing: Don’t Ignore These Red Flags

pswaterblasters 30 May, 2024

Signs Your Water Blaster Needs Servicing: Don’t Ignore These Red Flags

Water blaster maintenance is too often overlooked by the purchasers of these products. The truth is that your water blasters must be regularly serviced to protect and extend their lifespan. But, not to worry, servicing your water blaster is a fairly simple process when problems are caught early enough.

This article instructs you on the red flags to look for when it comes to water blaster maintenance. Assuredly, when these problems pop up, you need to service your machine – or seek the help of a professional! – as soon as possible.

1. Oil is dripping from the engine

For gas-operated water blasters, oil dripping from the engine indicates that there are worn seals that must be replaced. Often, these seals are covered under warranty, and their wear and tear is almost always picked up on with regular services. This is why opting for a regular servicing schedule is so important – problems are solved before they impact the operation of your water blaster.

2. Excessive noise

Is your water blaster noisier than usual? Excessive noise can be symptomatic of several problems, particularly for gas-operated machines. It may point to a blocked water intake, or not enough oil in your pump or engine. For electric water blasters, it could even suggest a faulty motor. Undoubtedly, excessive noise is one of the most obvious and pressing red flags to look out for.

3. The engine cuts out during use

If your engine cuts out during use, service your water blaster as soon as you’re able. This could be caused by a low oil level or dirty air filter, problems that can be easily corrected as long as swift, decisive action is taken.

4. You’re experiencing low, pulsing or no pressure

Fluctuations in the pressure settings of your water blaster, without outside interference, are a sure sign that an urgent service is needed. This could manifest as a low pressure, no pressure, or a pulsing pressure between high and low. Generally, all that must be done to rectify this is the disassembling of your pump and cleaning the components of the pump inlet inside. Occasionally, these components require replacement.

5. Your detergent injector has stopped working

Another major indicator that your water blaster needs servicing is the failure of components like the detergent injector.

If your detergent injector has stopped working or fluctuates in its performance, not only could the detergent you’re using be too thick, but a soap inlet filter or valve could be clogged. These problems can be prevented with regular servicing, or rectified at home upon professional advice.

At Pressure Solutions, we know everything there is to know about water blaster maintenance. Not only do we operate Auckland-wide call-out servicing solutions, we send out a wide range of replacement and spare parts to customers across New Zealand who may need to repair their water blasters. We happily advise on this process from afar, too.

Contact us for more information about water blaster maintenance, today.

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