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Custom Builds

Mounted, Trailer & Skid Water Blaster NZ

At Pressure Solutions, our objective is to custom build a high-quality commercial water blaster based on your requirements. We know your expectations when it comes to getting a water blaster – it has to meet your specification, and it has to be reliable, so it is ready to work whenever you are. Getting a custom water blaster is also an investment, so you’ll want that investment to last as long as possible.

When you come to us, the process will start with our expert team finding out more about the type of water blaster you want and what you will be using it for. We’ll go through the options with you, including if you want a trailer or skid-mounted water blaster. Trailer mounted is more expensive, but it is highly portable, so it is ideal if you need to use your water blaster in different locations every day.

At Pressure Solutions, we have mounted, trailer & skid water blaster solutions available for delivery NZ wide. We’ll also talk you through the engine manufacturers and power outputs that are available, making recommendations based on our knowledge and expertise. We’ll also do the same with pumps, ensuring you get the best possible pump for your requirements and budget.

We’ll go through any accessories or other custom options that will benefit your requirements, including if you need a hose reel, tank, or anything else.

Once we have created the spec for your trailer or skid-mounted water blaster, we’ll be able to give you a customised quote. At Pressure Solutions, we keep our prices competitive, so you can get more for less.

Our expert engineering and manufacturing team will then get to work building your custom water blaster. As we keep most parts in stock, there is usually minimal delay with this part of the process, ensuring you get your new trailer or skid -mounted custom water blaster sooner rather than later.

To find out more and to discuss your requirements, please get in touch with us at Pressure Solutions today.

Skid Mounted


We have developed a range of skid mounted solutions based on experience and what is popular in the market, allowing for us to ensure that they are suitable for multiple vehicles and situations that they are going to be required for. Within the equipment and accessories that are associated with each skid mounted unit there are a lot of variables. Please view the options below and contact us with any questions you may have.

Trailer Mounted


We have also developed a large range of trailer mounted solutions based on experience and what is popular in the market once again. We have unbraked and braked trailer versions allowing for a variation in the water tank capacity. Each tank size will be suitable for different scenarios. There tends to be more variation with the trailers as we can change where equipment is located. Like the skid mounted options the trailers also have a variety of accessories and extras available. Please view our options below and contact us with any questions you may have.

Hot Water/Diesel Solutions


We have found that hot water is popular in certain industries, from this we have created a variety of solutions suitable to cover the requirements of these industries. We have suitable solutions which we can have mounted on a skid or even on a trailer. We can also offer custom build solutions which have diesel powered pressure cleaners, whether it be cold water or hot water, these can be mounted on a skid or trailer. For an understanding of what we can offer, please view the options below and contact us with any further questions.

Custom-Built Solutions


At Pressure Solutions on top of the options you can see available in our above range we can offer completely customised solutions. We specialise in building a solution that no one else can that you as the customer will be satisfied with. Whether it is a trailer with a canopy frame, large flat bed truck mounted skid, tandem braked trailer or a specific all-in-one solution needed for a multi-purpose solution we can do it. Below you can view just some of the solutions we have done for people in the past to give you an idea but bare in mind, whatever you want done, we will do our best to make it happen.

Why choose us?

At Pressure Solutions there are many reasons for why we will be your go to for all of your pressure cleaner and high pressure equipment needs, see below for those reasons.


Excellent service provided by a friendly and experienced team


Quick turnaround on repairs, servicing and new product


A high level of communication when dealing with us as a whole


Specialists in customized solutions for all your needs


Auckland wide call-out servicing (by appointment)


NZ wide sales and service through our network


Manufacturers guarantee’s on all product sold


A large range of replacement and spare parts


A solution for whatever your needs may be within the industry