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Are you looking for a high-pressure pump suitable for a water blaster or solution? At Pressure Solutions, we’ve got the range of pumps that you are looking for. That range includes high pressure, high speed, low speed, stainless steel, hydraulically driven, PTO driven, and other specifications from leading brands in the industry. As a result, whatever type of pump you are looking for, we’ve got the solution.

When you contact us, you will also get an excellent standard of customer service. Our team is highly experienced and knowledgeable, so they can provide you with whatever help or advice that you need on everything related to pumps and water blasters.

We keep a large range of high-pressure pumps in our range in stock to ensure minimal turnaround times on your order and we deliver across the country. You can also expect competitive prices when you choose us at Pressure Solutions.

Below you will find a catalogue for pumps which are most commonly stock and therefore the best spare parts selection for these is also available. Some of the many pumps we deal with are listed below, feel free to go onto any of the websites and check out what each brand has to offer.

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Interpump Group, the world’s largest manufacturer of high pressure pumps, was born in 1977 from the intuition and resourcefulness of a man, Fulvio Montipò, and developed thanks to the tenacity of other men who embrace its philosophy, giving shape to a project extremely ambitious.


Founded in 1958 in Modena, in the heart of the Italian engineering district, Annovi Reverberi is a modern, flexible and constantly expanding company. An important production and commercial reality that finds its strength in its DNA.


The future of a Company, very often, is written in its past. If you recall Bertolini started as a basement operation in 1918; we can look back nostalgically to the time when the founder, Ugo Bertolini, dreamt to relieve the tiring hard of the farm fields, in order to increase the fertility and the yield of crops. In fact the Company was founded in the neighbourhood of Rubiera, area that already in those days was rich in farming and labour-
intensive. So, the first pumps for spraying treatment were born: “double-acting” piston pumps for the weed killing treatment of wheat and for the spraying treatment of vine yards, typical applications of that age in Reggio Emilia area. Afterwards, the piston/diaphragm volumetric pump, the “simple -acting”  piston pumps, pressure regulators, etc.,a fine and complete collection of products that has been constantly growing.


Hpp is a Comet SpA brand specialized in the design and construction of plunger pumps for water, strengthened by its technological know-how which is backed up by the most modern technology. This means the company is able to offer a wide range of products to meet requirements that go from 16 to 410 kW (from 21 to 550 Hp) with pressures up to 2.800 bar (40k psi).

Hpp pumps are manufactured using the most modern technologies both as regards the materials used and mechanical operations and heat treatments, in combination with a wide range of accessories suitable for the specific needs of the single user. Pumps are mainly intended for municipal services: sludge pumping, washing solid waste containers, street cleaning, etc. but also for a lot of other applications for the industrial sector.

Professionalism and research make it a dynamic modern company intent on tackling and resolving the problems of a fast-evolving market.In terms of innovation, Hpp’s mission is to understand the needs of the market and its customers, in order to stay ahead of the evolutions in demand and supply the best solutions as quickly as possible.


Cat Pumps has been a leader selling precision triplex reciprocating pumps and systems for more than fifty years. Founded in 1968 by William L. Bruggeman, our Minneapolis, MN based company focuses on manufacturing and marketing the longest- lasting, most dependable high-pressure pumps available in the industry.


UDOR was founded in 1966, today it develops, manufactures, markets, supplies and services diaphragm pumps and plunger pumps for pumping water, including chemical- added water. Our pumps are developed to be incorporated into various kinds of pumping systems such as: Agricultural Sprayers, High Pressure Washers, Water Cleaners, Fire Fighting Systems, Deicing Equipment, Reverse Osmosis systems, Misting equipment, Lawn Care Sprayers and others.


Danau Industries was founded in February 1993, it has gradually developed into a leading enterprise in the cleaning industry with over 27 years’ continuous efforts and innovation.


General Pump, along with our parent company, Interpump Group S.r.l., has been the world leader in plunger pump development since 1982. We are known as the leader in plunger pumps for the pressure cleaning industry, and offer a full line of pumps for other industries across the board, including Vehicle Wash, Sewer Jetting, Oil and Gas, Mining, Misting and many more.


For over sixty years, Comet pumps has been providing innovative pumps and accessories at the global level. Based in Reggio Emilia – Italy, Comet originally started out producing diaphragm pumps for the agricultural market. As the world changed and new markets emerged, Comet began to expand its innovation and quality to unexplored markets that needed real-time solutions. Today, Comet offers a wide range of diaphragm, triplex high-pressure plunger, piston pumps and complimentary accessories to over 130 countries world-wide. With a strong distribution channel that extends to France, Mexico and the United States; Comet is able to provide fast solutions and new concepts to the world of water and fluid applications.


Today, Pratissoli Pompe, a brand of the Interpump Group SpA group, is fully
ranked among the most prestigious brands in the world, both for the wide and diversified range offered and for the technical solutions adopted. With the Pratissoli brand, over 120 models of piston pumps are produced for flow rates up to 900 lpm, pressures up to 1500 bar, power up to 330 KW, distributed all over the world through a sales network present in over 70 countries.


HAWK is a Leuco S.p.A. brand that is renowned for its high-pressure piston pumps and accessories for industrial pressure washing and technology.
HAWK products are used in an almost endless number of sectors, and the brand has become world famous thanks to the painstaking devotion to customer care shown in everything from delivery to assistance services.


Speck Pumps are a popular high pressure pump among operators and manufacturers in Europe. Many of the vacuum trucks or other high pressure equipment imported into New Zealand will have these pumps in there.


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