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How To Easily Replace A Karcher Higher Pressure Washer Hose

pswaterblasters 30 Apr, 2024

How To Easily Replace A Karcher Higher Pressure Washer Hose

At Pressure Solutions Ltd, we stock one of the best high pressure hoses in NZ; the Karcher. When it comes to intensive outdoor cleaning, very few pressure washers compare to the power of a Karcher high pressure washer hose.

Nonetheless, maintaining this good high pressure hose in NZ can be a challenge. So, when your Karcher starts to suffer from wear and tear and you’re not sure what to do, this guide is the perfect companion for demonstrating how to replace the water hose of a Karcher higher pressure washer –  with as little fuss as possible!

1. Check that you have the right replacement hose for your model

The most important thing to do before replacing your washer hose is checking that you have the right replacement for your Karcher model! You can find this information in the manual for your Karcher pressure washer, or by searching the model number.

2. Turn off the pressure washer and disconnect it from the power source

When you have the right replacement hose, be sure to turn off your Karcher pressure washer and disconnect it from the power source entirely.

3. Release any pressure that remains in the system

It’s important to release any residual pressure in the original hose by squeezing the trigger on the washer spray gun until no more water comes out.

4. Disconnect the old hose from the pressure washer and spray gun

After residual pressure is released, it’s time to disconnect the old hose from your Karcher higher pressure washer unit and the washer spray gun. To do so, carefully unscrew the connections or pull back a collar to release the hose – this part depends on your Karcher model.

5. Attach the new hose by screwing the connections back in place – but don’t overtighten!

Attach one end of your new hose to the Karcher pressure washer unit, and fasten securely. Do the same with the other end of the hose to the spray gun. This process may involve screwing the connections back in place. Ensure a secure connection – but don’t overtighten! Overtightening can impede the function of your Karcher pressure washer.

6. Ready to go!

Once you’ve installed the new hose as outlined above, you’re ready to go! We do recommend testing the connection between your hose, pressure washer unit, and spray gun before commercial use. In order to do so, you must turn on the water supply and check for any leaks around your hose connections. Then, you can turn on your Karcher pressure washer in its entirety to make sure it’s working as effectively as a Karcher should.

Always dispose of your old hose according to New Zealand’s waste disposal guidelines, and inspect your new Karcher pressure washer hose for wear and tear as you use it.

Purchase your high pressure hose, or even the Karcher pressure washer in its entirety, from a reputable provider like Pressure Solutions Ltd in NZ. Our products are tested thoroughly for premium quality, and our positive testimonials speak volumes as to our excellent customer service. Contact us for more information, today.

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