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Can a Water Blaster Safely Clean Your Car?

pswaterblasters 22 May, 2024

Can a Water Blaster Safely Clean Your Car?

Can a water blaster safely clean your car? The answer is yes! There’s no quicker way to improve the look and condition of your car. It’s a much easier process than hand washing, and uses less water than a traditional hosepipe.

However, there are some do’s and don’ts around using an electric water blaster to clean your car that you need to know about.

The Do’s

1. Set the water blaster nozzle to the widest setting

You should set your water blaster’s nozzle to the widest setting before rinsing away the top layer of dirt, grime and debris from your vehicle. This ensures that the spray is strong enough to get the job done, but not enough to damage the glass or chip the delicate paintwork. You also cover a greater surface area with a wider spray, saving you time.

2. Coat your car in a layer of detergent

Coating your car in a layer of detergent prior to pressure washing is also extremely important, because this cleaning product is what loosens the worst of the remaining dirt and grime! Detergent only needs a minute or two to take proper effect before rinsing. A water blaster can also be used to expertly apply this.

3. Rinse off the paintwork with a high-pressure setting

Your paintwork is a little more durable than the windows of your car, and it can be rinsed with a high-pressure setting as a result. That is, if you have an electric water blaster that’s adjustable! To change the pressure of any other water blaster, simply move closer to or further away from your vehicle. The toughest stains and blemishes are efficiently blasted away, leaving your car shiny and showroom-ready.

The Don’ts

1. Let the detergent dry

Letting the detergent dry is actually counter intuitive to cleaning your car.  When the detergent is overly dry, it can leave strange spots and blemishes behind, which are very difficult to clean. Such marks generally have to be buffed out later on, which costs you more time and money.

3. Spray the engine bay

The engine bay is essential to the function of your car, and damaging this may leave you without a vehicle. Never directly spray your engine bay to avoid harming the important components inside. Similarly, we also recommend never directly spraying your windows on the high-pressure setting, as they’re equally fragile and likely to crack!

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