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Which Petrol Water Blaster Is Best? Let’s Find Out

pswaterblasters 24 Apr, 2024

Which Petrol Water Blaster Is Best? Let’s Find Out

Interested in finding out the best petrol water blaster in NZ? Perhaps so you can incorporate this product into your own business? Look no further than this article, provided by the experts at Pressure Solutions Ltd. We sell some of the best pressure cleaners and specialist high pressure equipment in New Zealand, and are uniquely positioned to comment on all of the finest petrol water blasters on the market. 

Find out about some of the leading brands – and which is at the top of the list – here.

3. COMBO-PLUS 3.5G25 High Pressure Cleaner

Starting at number 3 is the COMBO-PLUS 3.5G25 High Pressure Cleaner with a GX200 Honda engine. Honda GX200 pressure washers are known for their reliability and performance, and this premium engine offers users a high pressure and flow rate. This means that they can cater to a range of cleaning tasks! From pressure washing a patio to scrubbing the façade of a building, the COMBO-PLUS 3.5G25 water blasters that we stock at Pressure Solutions Ltd are diverse and effective.

2. MAGNUS 5.5G40 Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

The next water blaster on our list is the MAGNUS 5.5G40 Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner with a 15HP Rato engine. The flow rate of this cold water pressure cleaner is 3000/21, and comes with an MV951 trigger gun that cements its status as a high pressure water blaster! Cold water washers are more compact and easier to handle, and the 15HP Rato engine has enough power to handle most residential and commercial cleaning jobs. They are known for their durability and affordability, which makes them a popular purchase across New Zealand. 

If you’re unsure about the specifications of a 15HP Rato engine, a member of the Pressure Solutions Ltd team can always advise on its capabilities and performance.

1. MAGNUS-XT 4640 Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner

To withstand the test of time – and handle all of the cleaning requirements for a residential or commercial property – we always return to water blasters with a Honda engine. Honda engines are highly capable, and by bringing a flow rate of 4000/15 to the MAGNUS-XT 4640 Cold Water High Pressure Cleaner, pack a very powerful punch when it comes to blasting away dirt and grime. Specifically, the MAGNUS-XT 4640 has a GX390 Honda engine. This engine is made to withstand heavy use and demanding conditions. It’s also easy to maintain, and meets the stringent emission standards demanded by the New Zealand government. 

If there was any water blaster that could meet the title of best petrol water blaster in NZ, it would be those like the MAGNUS that possess a Honda engine. However, whilst the MAGNUS-XT 4640 does stand at the top of our list, it’s hard for us to make a conclusive choice as to whether it is the best possible water blaster for you. 

That’s because you will have unique requirements for your water blaster, and different demands regarding their engine power, pressure output, flow rate and build quality. Ultimately, the choice between the leading water blasters we have mentioned and other brands on the market – like Karcher – lies with you.

Purchase the best petrol water blaster in NZ at Pressure Solutions Ltd. We provide a range of petrol, diesel, electric and hot water blaster solutions to give your home – or the home of your clients’! – the most efficient and sparkling clean possible. For more information about our products, please contact us.

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