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High Pressure Accessories: Choosing The Right Nozzles And Hoses

pswaterblasters 30 Mar, 2022

High Pressure Accessories: Choosing The Right Nozzles And Hoses

Although pressure washers are excellent devices for deep cleaning, you need to learn about the accessories available to enhance their performance and maintain their cleaning capacity. A good pressure washer accessory selection is just as important as selecting the right pressure washer. The right accessories will allow you to utilise the pressure washer to its full potential.

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Are High Pressure Accessories Universal?

High pressure accessories aren’t typically interchangeable. Fittings usually differ from machine to machine and are often brand-specific, so they will only work with machines from the same manufacturer. When not using the correct accessories, the system may not work properly and you may actually do damage to the machine.


Water is delivered to the target surface through pressure washer hoses, which run from the washer to the cleaning attachment. When it comes to pressure washer hoses, it’s important not to attempt to use the washer with a regular garden hose, as it can’t handle the high pressure of water flowing through it. The main consideration for pressure washer hoses is the diameter. If you choose a smaller diameter hose, you will have limited water flow. The most popular pressure washer hose diameters are:

  • 1/4 inch: Pressure washers designed for light cleaning typically have this diameter.
  • 3/8 inch: Heavy-duty or professional machines use this thick diameter.
  • 5/16 inch: Compared to the other diameters, this is less commonly used.


Your pressure washer’s nozzles control the flow or movement of the fluid and are responsible for creating pressure in the water stream. The nozzles convert fluid into droplets for spraying onto the desired surface.

Pressure washer colours come in five colours, indicating the angle, capacity and degree of each nozzle:

  • 0° Red Nozzle
  • 15° Yellow Nozzle
  • 25° Green Nozzle
  • 40° White Nozzle
  • 65° Black Nozzle

Additionally, there are different types of nozzles available, including:

  • Quick connect nozzles
  • Brass soap nozzles
  • Rotary turbo nozzles
  • Duct cleaning nozzles
  • Chemical nozzles
  • Steam spray nozzles
  • Stainless steel spray nozzles

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